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Check out these SDA sites:

Amazing Adventures - watch

Children's Stories by Dwight Nelson 
- listen

Hope+Kids Bible Cartoon Videos - part 1  (51 stories)

Hope+Kids Bible Cartoon Videos - part 2  (50 stories)

Hope+Kids Bible Cartoon Videos - part 3  (52 stories)

Hope+Kids Bible Cartoon Videos - part 4  (61 stories about Jesus)

The Beginner's Bible - Cartoon Videos (4 hours)



Children's Stories  --  Click on a story and listen!

8-16-14  Chores - Ron Halvorsen

2-2-2008 - Christmas Solo - Sandy Slonaker

01-12-2008 - Two Men - Freda Shultz

12-22-2007 - Christmas Peanuts - Stan Schone

Discovery Mountain Stories from VOP listen

3ABN Kids Network ~~ watch


Guide Magazine

 Kids Bible Info  

The KidZone - Study Guides

Mission Stories 

My Place With Jesus - watch and interact 
an interactive Bible Study (ages 7-12)

Ohio Conference Elementary Worship Festival - April 9, 2011 - watch

Primary Treasure - listen

Voice of Prophecy Discovery Mountain

Your Story Hour - listen

Your Story Hour Archives - listen

Children's Bible Lessons



 Other Sites (Not SDA):

Bible Activities

Bible In Living Sound listen

Bible Stories of the Passion - listen

Bible Coloring Pages


Bible Stories, Nature Pictures, Music

Bible Millionaire Game 

Bible Quizzes

Kids for Truth

His Kids Radio - listen