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God's LOVING ways give us HOPE today and forever.

Welcome to the church service Podcasts of the Lancaster, Ohio Seventh-day Adventist Church. May God richly bless you as you listen to these messages and programs. NOTE: You will need to Subscribe to each of the 5 channels to get all 5 feeds.

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The Woman At the Feet of JesusThe Woman At the Feet of JesusDiane Wood, Jan 28, 2017
Sanctuary Laws IISanctuary Laws IIPastor Tom Hughes, Jan 21, 2017
Why Keep The LawWhy Keep The LawAnthony Southard, Jan 14, 2017
Sanctuary Laws ISanctuary Laws IPastor Tom Hughes, Jan 7, 2017
JudasJudasAnthony Southard, Aug 13, 2016
Church, or a Movement?Church, or a Movement?Pastor Tom Hughes, Aug 6, 2016
The Ten Commandments of LoveThe Ten Commandments of LovePastor Tom Hughes, Jul 2, 2016
The Future of Your PastThe Future of Your PastPastor Tom Hughes, May 21, 2016
God Likes to Deal with Our CrisisGod Likes to Deal with Our CrisisLeon Brown, May 7, 2016
Wind Rain & FireWind Rain & FireDiane Wood, Apr 30, 2016
Persistence PaysPersistence PaysAnthony Southard, Apr 23, 2016
Prayer and RevivalPrayer and RevivalOswaldo Magaña, Apr 9, 2016
The Touch of ThomasThe Touch of ThomasPastor Tom Hughes, Mar 19, 2016
Dull Spiritual Life?Dull Spiritual Life?Anthony Southard, Mar 12, 2016
HeavenHeavenDarrell Shultz, Mar 5, 2016
Hidden TreasureHidden TreasureAnthony Southard, Jan 9, 2016
The Cross & the CradleThe Cross & the CradlePastor Tom Hughes, Jan 2, 2016
The Birth of ChristThe Birth of ChristAnthony Southard, Dec 26, 2015
Christmas IS Unselfish ServiceChristmas IS Unselfish ServicePastor Tom Hughes, Dec 19, 2015
The Leaven of the LordThe Leaven of the LordAnthony Southard, Nov 14, 2015
The Parable of the SowerThe Parable of the SowerPastor Tom Hughes, Nov 7, 2015
The Mustard SeedThe Mustard SeedAnthony Southard, Oct 31, 2015
Pulling Up WeedsPulling Up WeedsDiane Wood, Oct 24, 2015
Preparing For HarvestPreparing For HarvestPastor Travis Dean , Oct 17, 2015
The SowerThe SowerAnthony Southard, Oct 10, 2015
The Cost of DiscipleshipThe Cost of DiscipleshipPastor Tom Hughes, Oct 3, 2015
Prase God No Matter WhatPrase God No Matter WhatLancaster Primary Sabbath School Youth, Sep 26, 2015
Saved From Our SinsSaved From Our SinsPastor Tom Hughes, Sep 19, 2015
A Doctor’s VisitA Doctor’s VisitTravis Dean, Sep 12, 2015
God or MammonGod or MammonAnthony Southard, Sep 5, 2015
What’s So Amazing About Grace?What’s So Amazing About Grace?Diane Wood, Aug 29, 2015
A Night On the LakeA Night On the LakeAnthony Southard, Aug 22, 2015
Beautiful FeetBeautiful FeetPastor Tom Hughes, Aug 15, 2015
Resting in God’s LoveResting in God’s LovePastor Travis Dean, Aug 8, 2015
The Man in the Mirror - The 2nd ManThe Man in the Mirror - The 2nd ManPastor Hughes, Aug 1, 2015
Life in the SpiritLife in the SpiritDiane Wood, Jul 25, 2015
The Two Men in the MirrorThe Two Men in the MirrorPastor Tom Hughes, Jul 18, 2015
Polishing MirrorsPolishing MirrorsLancaster SDA Church, Jul 11, 2015
Pentacostal FireworksPentacostal FireworksPastor Tom Hughes, Jul 4, 2015
At the Feet of JesusAt the Feet of JesusAnthony Southard, Jun 27, 2015
No Sermon for today - The church service was a DVD presentationNo Sermon for today - The church service was a DVD presentation*NA, Jun 20, 2015
A Slave Girl Meets GodA Slave Girl Meets GodPastor Travis Dean, Jun 13, 2015
Rahab, the HarlotRahab, the HarlotDiane Wood, Jun 6, 2015
Hollywood or HolywoodHollywood or HolywoodPastor Tom Hughes, May 30, 2015
What Now?What Now?Anthony Southard, May 23, 2015
ChristChrist's Prayer for You - UNITYPastor Tom Hughes, May 16, 2015
AbrahamAbraham's PrayersEldon Jackson, May 9, 2015
Out of InnocenceOut of InnocenceElder Wayne Blakley, May 2, 2015
The Song of Moses & The lambThe Song of Moses & The lambDiane Wood, Apr 25, 2015
The Apostles PrayerThe Apostles PrayerPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 18, 2015
Horizontal PrayerHorizontal PrayerAnthony Southard, Apr 11, 2015
Intense PrayerIntense PrayerDarrell Shutlz, Mar 28, 2015
Waiting on GodWaiting on GodPastor Tom Hughes, Mar 21, 2015
A Heart of PraiseA Heart of PraisePastor Travis Dean, Mar 14, 2015
A Life Marked by PrayerA Life Marked by PrayerAnthony Southard, Mar 7, 2015
The Cry of the YouthThe Cry of the YouthShaina Shultz, Feb 28, 2015
Who Has Dominion?Who Has Dominion?Allen Cramblit, Jan 31, 2015
God With UsGod With UsPastor Tom Hughes, Dec 20, 2014
Elijah Called HomeElijah Called HomeAnthony Southard, Dec 13, 2014
Born to Be Our BrotherBorn to Be Our BrotherPastor Tom Hughes, Dec 6, 2014
Who Do You Rely On?Who Do You Rely On?Anthony Southard, Nov 22, 2014
The Wheat and the TaresThe Wheat and the TaresPastor Tom Hughes, Nov 15, 2014
When God Says, "Enough!"When God Says, "Enough!"Anthony Southard, Nov 8, 2014
Mary, Martha and the MasterMary, Martha and the MasterOswaldo Magaňa, Nov 1, 2014
In The ValleyIn The ValleyAnthony Southard, Oct 25, 2014
Revelations Prophetic Movement at the End TimeRevelations Prophetic Movement at the End TimePastor Tom Hughes, Oct 18, 2014
The United States in Bible ProphecyThe United States in Bible ProphecyAnthony Southard, Oct 11, 2014
Revelations Lake of FireRevelations Lake of FirePastor Tom Hughes, Oct 4, 2014
A Day to RememberA Day to RememberPastor Tom Hughes, Sep 27, 2014
Perfection Only In ChristPerfection Only In ChristPastor Tom Hughes, Sep 20, 2014
How is Your FaithHow is Your FaithAnthony Southard, Sep 13, 2014
To Fish or Not to FishTo Fish or Not to FishPastor Tom Hughes, Sep 6, 2014
The Unexpected ResurrectionThe Unexpected ResurrectionPastor Travis Dean, Aug 30, 2014
Man OverboardMan OverboardRon Halvorsen, Jr., Aug 16, 2014
God Has no GrandchildrenGod Has no GrandchildrenPastor Tom Hughes, Jul 19, 2014
HowHow's Your Prayer Life?Anthony Southard, Jul 12, 2014
YouTube Video All About Jesus #3 of 13 Born TwiceYouTube Video All About Jesus #3 of 13 Born TwiceLee Vendon, Jun 21, 2014
The Present Future, Part 2The Present Future, Part 2Pastor Tom Hughes, Apr 5, 2014
Betrayal, Arrest, AbandonmentBetrayal, Arrest, AbandonmentPastor Travis Dean, Mar 22, 2014
By My New Way of LifeBy My New Way of LifeDiane Wood, Mar 15, 2014
Coming Back SoonComing Back SoonAnthony Southard, Mar 8, 2014
The People of GodThe People of GodPastor Tom Hughes, Mar 1, 2014
The Pesent Future, Part1The Pesent Future, Part1Pastor Tom Hughes, Feb 15, 2014
Sleep and a Desparate AppealSleep and a Desparate AppealPastor Travis Dean, Feb 8, 2014
Shoot Your Own Side FirstShoot Your Own Side FirstPastor Tom Hughes, Feb 1, 2014
Sacrifice and Self-ConfidenceSacrifice and Self-ConfidencePastor Travis Dean, Jan 11, 2014
How Big Is Your GodHow Big Is Your GodRick Wise, Jan 4, 2014
New BeginningsNew BeginningsAnthony Southard, Dec 28, 2013
What Does the Lord Require of You?What Does the Lord Require of You?Anthony Southard, Dec 7, 2013
God DidnGod Didn't Call Me!Anthony Southard, Nov 23, 2013
By Beholding We Become ChangedBy Beholding We Become ChangedChris Ludy, Nov 16, 2013
Just What is the GospelJust What is the GospelDoctor John Kelly, Sep 28, 2013
Epigenetics: Your DNA Is Not Your DestinyEpigenetics: Your DNA Is Not Your DestinyDoctor John Kelly, Sep 27, 2013
One ManOne Man's righteousnessPastor Tom Hughes, Sep 21, 2013
A Passon for GodA Passon for GodPastor Tom Hughes, Jul 20, 2013
The Second ComingThe Second ComingPastor Tom Hughes, Jul 6, 2013
Deception in The ChurchDeception in The ChurchAdolfo Potts, Jun 15, 2013
A WindowA Window's GiftPastor Travis Dean, Jun 4, 2013
Exposing The ScribesExposing The ScribesPastor Travis Dean, May 4, 2013
Does God mean what He says?Does God mean what He says?Rick Wise, Apr 27, 2013
Passionate SpiritualityPassionate SpiritualityOswaldo Magaňa, Mar 23, 2013
In GodIn God's HandsPastor Mike Barnett, Mar 9, 2013
Salty ChristiansSalty ChristiansRick Wise, Mar 2, 2013
Saying GoodbyeSaying GoodbyePastor Mike Barnett, Feb 23, 2013
God Our FatherGod Our FatherPastor Mike Barnett, Feb 9, 2013
Marriage Death and the Power of GodMarriage Death and the Power of GodPastor Travis Dean, Feb 2, 2013
Every Spiritual Blessing!Every Spiritual Blessing!Pastor Mike Barnett, Jan 26, 2013
On Hinds FeetOn Hinds FeetPam Farley, Jan 19, 2013
Shouts of Grace, Grace!Shouts of Grace, Grace!Pastor Mike Barnett, Jan 12, 2013
Personality Trumps IntentionalityPersonality Trumps IntentionalityJay Colburn, Jan 5, 2013
Our Two HeartsOur Two HeartsDr. John Kelly, Nov 3, 2012
Into the ForestInto the ForestPastor Mike Barnett, Oct 27, 2012
The Importance of a Healthy lifestyleThe Importance of a Healthy lifestyleAllen Cramblit, Oct 20, 2012
Down in The ValleyDown in The ValleyPastor Mike Barnett, Oct 13, 2012
The Great Promises of GodThe Great Promises of GodOswaldo Magana, Sep 15, 2012
Doing Things TogetherDoing Things TogetherPastor Mike Barnett, Sep 8, 2012
Who! Me Lord?Who! Me Lord?Bob Johnson, Sep 1, 2012
GodGod's WordVanessa Collier, Mar 29, 2008
My Deliverer Is ComingMy Deliverer Is ComingPam Farley, Feb 9, 2008
Thanks Be To GodThanks Be To GodPam Farley, Feb 2, 2008
Time to PrepareTime to PreparePam Farley, Jan 12, 2008
I Am ResolvedI Am ResolvedPam Farley, Dec 29, 2007
The Perfect GiftThe Perfect GiftPam Farley, Dec 22, 2007
GodGod's Thankful PeoplePam Farley, Nov 24, 2007
Following Those Who Follow ChristFollowing Those Who Follow ChristPam Farley, Nov 17, 2007
Plan APlan APastor Pam Farley, Nov 3, 2007

Children's Stories     Subscribe to this channel
ChildrenChildren's Story - ChoresRon Halvorsen, Jr., Aug 16, 2014
ChildrenChildren's Story - Honesty is the Best PolicyAllen Cramblit, Feb 15, 2014
ChildrenChildren's Story - Christmas SoloSandy Slonaker, Feb 2, 2008
ChildrenChildren's Story - Two MenFreda Shultz, Jan 12, 2008
ChildrenChildren's Story - Christmas PeanutsStan Schone, Dec 22, 2007

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Home Coming 2014Home Coming 2014Debbie Hughes, Aug 23, 2014
Health TeleconferenceHealth TeleconferenceDr. Raubane Kirimaua, May 24, 2013
ChildrenChildren's Thanks Giving ServiceLancaster SDA Church and School Children, Nov 17, 2012
Travis Dean Interview 90.9Travis Dean Interview 90.9Travis Dean, Dec 2, 2009
Donald Mathewson Memorial ServiceDonald Mathewson Memorial ServicePam Farley, Dec 27, 2007

Christian Living Seminar - Kenneth Cox     Subscribe to this channel
01 - The World Turned Upside Down01 - The World Turned Upside DownKenneth Cox
02 - Faith02 - FaithKenneth Cox
03 - Born Half Dead03 - Born Half DeadKenneth Cox
04 - Lessons From A Leper04 - Lessons From A LeperKenneth Cox
05 - Seeing The Gospel05 - Seeing The GospelKenneth Cox
06 - Learning To Lean06 - Learning To LeanKenneth Cox
07 - Abraham07 - Abraham's AltarKenneth Cox
08 - Why Many Do Not Receive The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit08 - Why Many Do Not Receive The Baptism Of The Holy SpiritKenneth Cox
09 - So Many Blessings I Can09 - So Many Blessings I Can't Count ThemKenneth Cox
10 - Power Unlimited10 - Power UnlimitedKenneth Cox
11 - God Has Great Plans For You.11 - God Has Great Plans For You.Kenneth Cox
12 - Coming of Christ12 - Coming of ChristKenneth Cox

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Testimony of Tom HughesTestimony of Tom HughesPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
The BibleThe BiblePastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
GodGod's Character of LovePastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Origin of EvilOrigin of EvilPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Prophecies of the MessiahProphecies of the MessiahPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
The Divinity of ChristThe Divinity of ChristPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
SalvationSalvationPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Confession and ForgivenessConfession and ForgivenessPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Europes Future RevealedEuropes Future RevealedPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Second Coming (Manner)Second Coming (Manner)Pastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Second Coming (Signs)Second Coming (Signs)Pastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
JudgementJudgementPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Law of GodLaw of GodPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
SabbathSabbathPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
First Day TextFirst Day TextPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Sabbath KeepingSabbath KeepingPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
An Attempted Change in GodAn Attempted Change in God's LawPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
FaithFaithPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
HealhHealhPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
State of the DeadState of the DeadPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
Millenium (1000 Years of Peace)Millenium (1000 Years of Peace)Pastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
HeavenHeavenPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
The Destruction of the WickedThe Destruction of the WickedPastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
The Trinity Part 1The Trinity Part 1Pastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
The Trinity Part 2The Trinity Part 2Pastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014
The Trinity Part 3The Trinity Part 3Pastor Tom Hughes, Apr 1, 2014

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