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August 2009

Last month I shared how my daughter, Abigail, was refusing to drink her mother’s milk from a bottle. I should probably inform you that she has been doing much better, lately. For this, I am thankful. There have been many times when I wished I could force her to drink from the bottle. “Come on, Abigail” I would muse in my mind. “You’re thirsty & hungry, right? Well, stop fussing, and drink it!” My attitude didn’t help her. In fact, it probably made things worse.

With the Spirit of the Lord working in me, combined with some help from my wife and mom, my messages to Abigail improved. In my mind they went something like this: “Ok, Abigail. This milk was made just for you. You can have as much as you want. And I’ll do my best to make it as pleasant as possible.” As a result, we both have been a lot better off. She’s been drinking more milk. And I have had less stress.

As I mentioned last month, the Bible refers to God’s Word as milk. Those of us who have received God’s Word ourselves have the privilege of sharing it with others. But we have no control over how people will receive it. We can use sales techniques, offer them incentives & rewards, and make it look as attractive as possible. But the decision to receive God’s Word or reject it belongs to them, not to us. All we can do is present the Word. And that’s what they really need. Just as Abigail’s milk has everything she needs to grow, so God’s Word has everything we need to make it to heaven.

There’s one more thing. When I relaxed, Abigail relaxed. And when she relaxed, she was more able to drink from the bottle. In the same way, people can tell when we’re not relaxed about sharing God’s Word with them. It makes them uncomfortable. They wonder why they would want what makes us uncomfortable. So often I have forced myself to say something or do something in order to be a faithful witness of God’s Word. It hasn’t worked. I have learned to only share in a way that’s natural and real.

So, let’s share God’s Word with others. And remember to relax, be real, and leave the results with God.

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