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December 2009

It is a profound thought to me that God the Son became a baby.

It wasn’t that long ago that our two children, Elijah and Abigail, were born. They both came into this world with nothing. (They didn’t appear holding money in their clinched fists.) They both came out not knowing how to feed themselves, not knowing how to talk. They were completely helpless and dependent. But they brought joy to my heart, because they were my children. They didn’t have to give me anything. They didn’t have to do anything for me. I loved them for no other reason than that they were my son and daughter.

I believe God felt the same way when Jesus, His Son, was born. Jesus came into this world with nothing. He was a completely helpless and dependent baby. But what emotions must have stirred God’s heart as He looked at His Son lying in the manger! In all the universe there was nothing that captivated Him like this little baby.

What do we feel when we “look” at Jesus lying in the manger? Do we feel anything at all? Do we just see a doll in a nativity scene? Oh, I love the baby in Bethlehem because of who He is. He is my Creator. He is my Savior.

Oh, come let us adore Him – Christ the Lord. Let us gaze upon Him not just while it’s the Christmas season. Let us look upon Him in His Word, the Bible, every day of our lives. As we behold Him, we will become like Him.

Loving Hope
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