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God’s Children

by Travis Dean

December 5, 2009


As a child, I always looked forward to going to Grandpap and Grandma’s house for Christmas. There were several reasons. We lived in southwest Virginia. Grandpap and Grandma lived near Pittsburgh, PA. So we were almost guaranteed (in those days) to have a white Christmas. I also looked forward to the trip itself. There were some tunnels in West Virginia that we drove through. These were so amazing to me as a kid. I also loved Grandma’s cooking. Even her Cream of Wheat was superior to any I have ever had. She made a great raisin cake. But I would say that the main reason I always looked forward to going to Grandpap and Grandma’s for Christmas was I always felt welcome there. Grandpap played games with us – pool and checkers. Grandma was a little harsh at times, but I would often see a twinkle in her eye, and I just knew she loved her grandkids. I don’t know of a trip that I enjoyed more as a kid than going to Grandpap and Grandma’s.


The Bible talks about a trip that Jesus Christ was eager to take. Turn with me to Hebrews 10:5-7. Jesus Christ is here talking about His trip to earth. God is sending Him on a mission. And His trip to earth will begin by Him entering a human body. Oh, I praise God for this. I praise God that Jesus came to this earth as a human baby.


Today we will see why it is such good news that Jesus entered a human body.


Turn with me to Genesis 3. I will give you some background. God has created 2 humans, Adam & Eve. He has made them to be His companions. Every evening in the Garden of Eden, they walk and converse with God. But Satan plots to break this relationship apart. He tells Eve that God is keeping her from her full potential. Satan in effect tells her that God really isn’t her friend. She believes Him, and chooses to seek after a different kind of knowledge by eating fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She gives some of the fruit to Adam, and they separate themselves from God. Read with me verse 8 of Genesis 3. God comes to enjoy some quality time with Adam and Eve, and they run away. They are afraid of Him. Satan has lied to us. Satan has told us that God is someone to be afraid of. He has told us that God really isn’t our friend. And so we are born into this world, not friends, but enemies of God (Romans 5:10).


Turn with me to chapter 1 of John and we will read verse 18. Jesus came from the intimacy of the Godhead. He came as one of the three divine beings who rule the universe – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. John tells us the reason He came. He says Jesus was born to declare the truth about the Father. Satan has told us that God is not our friend, that He is someone to be afraid of. This is a lie. Jesus came to tell us the truth, the truth about God.


Turn with me to 1 John 4:14-16. When God sent us His Son in a human body, we learned that God is not evil. He is not mean. He is not selfish. Because of Jesus, we now know He is LOVE. He loves us. He has never STOPPED loving us, because His love is based on who He is, and He never changes. This is the truth about God that Jesus came to declare.


We will now see two reasons that God provided Jesus with a human body when He came to this earth.


Turn back with me to the gospel of John and we will read chapter 1 and verse 14. Jesus came as a human was so we could see the glory of God. In the temple of the Old Testament there was a veil between the Most Holy Place and the Holy Place. The priests served in the Holy Place every day. But no one went into the Most Holy Place, accept one priest and that was only once a year. The reason no one went into the Most Holy Place was because that’s where the God’s glory was. If anyone went in, they would be killed. John has told us that no one has seen God. And the reason is if we did, we would die. Turn with me to Hebrews 10:19, 20. This veil in the temple represented Jesus’ human body. The first reason that God provided Jesus with a human body is so we would not be destroyed by God’s glory. What an incredible blessing. Because of Jesus Christ, because He took our human body, we can see the glory of God and not die! We now know what God is like. We know who He is. We have seen Him in Jesus Christ. And we have lived!


So our first reason why God provided Jesus with a human body is so we could see Him and live.


As we consider the second reason why God provided Jesus with a human body when He came to this earth, turn with me to Hebrews 2:11-14. Notice the terminology, the words, that the writer of Hebrews is using here: “brethren” and “children”. These are family terms. These are words you use when you’re talking about family. This is so incredible. It is hard to believe. It is hard to grasp this fact. When Jesus entered a human body, He became fully human, while remaining fully divine. (Paul talks about His full divinity in Hebrews 1) By becoming human Jesus Christ has brought us into a family fellowship with God Himself. Our humanity, in Christ, went from the grave to the very throne of God. Our humanity right now is at the very right hand of God Himself. We belong in heaven now. That’s our home now. We are part of the divine family. God has made us members of the Royal family! Never think for a moment that we are little gods. NO! The reason we are a part of the divine family, is because one of the members of the divine family took our humanity. He has brought us up to Him. The royal blood that flows in our veins is the blood of Jesus Christ.


The second reason why God provided Jesus with a human body is so we would become a part of the divine family.


Because Jesus has taken our humanity, we have been elevated to a place higher than when we were created. It is now an honor to be human. Turn with me to Revelation 21:2, 3. God moves the capital of the universe to earth.


Some of you may remember how Constantine moved his capital. He was the Emperor of the Roman Empire in the 306 to 337 AD. He built a city and named it after himself. It was called Constantinople. (Today it is the city of Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey) He actually built it on top of another city, Byzantium (600’s BC). As the emperor of the Roman Empire, he moved the capital from Rome to Constantinople. This was a bold move, but based on its strategic position. It stood for over a 1000 years, before becoming taken over by the Turks and being renamed as Istanbul.


Why will God move His capital from where it is now, to our planet? It’s like Constantine building his city on top of the site of a Greek city, the kingdom Rome had just conquered. It’s a guarantee that the old power will not rise up. For the last six thousand years, this place has been the dark spot of His universe. This is where Satan has ruled. This is where His Son Jesus Christ was put to death. Sin has abounded here. So it will be here that grace abounds all the more. What an honor to be a resident of earth – God’s future capital of the universe!


What a significant night it was when Jesus was born as a human baby! That night our humanity was filled with royal blood. You and I are God’s children! Not because of a piece of paper. Not because of a historical event. But because of the living Christ. He has become human while remaining fully divine, and lifted we who are human up to the very house of God where we belong because we are family. We are God’s children because His own Son has taken our humanity. As surely as we are human, we are God’s children. It is now an honor to be human.


Never let anyone tell you God doesn’t love you. Don’t ever give sympathy to the thought that God has forgotten about you. Isaiah 49:16 says you are written on God’s hand. Whenever He sees His Son, He sees you. You are always on His mind.

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