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Lancaster, Ohio area

Now you can study the Bible in the privacy of your own home with our DVD or Video Bible Study guides! We offer a variety of teachers via your VCR. Kenneth Cox, Doug Bachelor, Lonnie Melashenko, Lyle Albrecht, and Shawn Boonstra are all skilled teachers of God's word. Each of them has preached to thousands of people around the world via media and live appearances. You will be blessed and encouraged in your study of the Bible as you view these tapes or DVD's. You will learn principles of living in today's world, as well as a confident hope for the future.
Contact Freda Shultz, telephone 740-215-2228, or e-mail Freda at
Online Discover Bible School
You can study the Bible right on your computer. The online Discover Bible School offers a beautiful set of  lessons that are filled with great stories, gripping illustrations, and practical application of Biblical principles.
This 27 lesson course is designed for today's inquiring mind.
You can check out the Discover Bible School:

Bible School on-line 
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