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God's LOVING ways give us HOPE today and forever.

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Mike Tucker's Messages
Faith Moments Archives  2010-2016
May  2013    Two Million Dollar Mistake
Jun.  2013     Repeated Mistakes
Oct.  2013     Influence
Nov. 2013      We Give Thanks
Jan. 2014      The Last Word
Feb. 2014      Don't Take No for an Answer
Mar. 2014      Costly Grace
Apr. 2014       Hold Me
Apr. 2014 b    A Good Obituary
May 2014       Greatness
Jun. 2014       Mistakes  
Jun. 2014 b    A Bitter Refuge
Jul.  2014       Images
Jul.  2014 b    Certainty
Jul.  2014 c    The Power of Dirt
Aug. 2014       Purpose
Sep. 2014       Prayer Is Powerful
Oct. 2014       Success – World Series & the Universe
Nov. 2014       Who Do You Trust?
Nov. 2014 b    Success
Dec. 2014       Favorite Christmas Story
Jan.  2015       New Year's Resolutions
Feb.  2015      On Tears
Mar.  2015      Choosing Your Way
Apr.  2015      The Cost of Heaven
May  2015      Guilt and Forgiveness
June 2015      A Father's Day Story
July  2015     The Opposite of Presence
Aug. 2015      A Way to God
Sep. 2015      The Detective and the Theory
Sep. 2015 b    A Crown of Life
Oct.  2015     When the Cheering Stopped
Nov. 2015      Gratitude: The Cure for Impatience
Dec. 2015      Stars of Wonder
Jan.  2016     The New Year

Jan.  2016 b   Waiting for Inspiration
Feb.  2016     The Aroma of His Love

Mar.  2016     What Do You Not Want to Do Today?
Mar.  2016 b  An Ordinary Cross
Mar.  2016 c   Resurrection !

Apr.  2016     The Problem-Solver
Apr.  2016 b   Forgiveness

Apr.  2016 c   The Father Who Runs
May  2016      The Legend of the Fall
May  2016 b    Heaven
June  2016     The Care and Feeding of a Soul
June  2016 b   Which Is Your Country?

July   2016      Routine Assistance
Aug.   2016      A Leader
Aug.   2016 b   So I Could Stand Beside My King
Sep.   2016     Taste and See

Sep.   2016 b   Choices
Oct.   2016      Freedom and Civility
Nov.   2016      An Amazing Choice

Dec.   2016      Christmas Triumph
Dec.   2016 b    Promises and Signs
Jan.    2017      Vision
Jan.    2017 b    Insurmountable Problems
Jan.    2017 c    The Seven Wonders!
Feb.    2017       His Eye Is On the Sparrow
Feb.    2017 b    Ku Forgiveness
Mar.    2017      The Gift of Community
Apr.    2017       A Costly Sacrifice 
Apr.    2017 b    The Slain Lamb Stands !
May    2017       Two Stories
May    2017 b     Serendipity
June   2017        Creativity
July    2017       The Other Thing Patrick Henry Said

July    2017 b    The Whole World Stinks
Aug.    2017        Get Youself Together
Aug.    2017 b     Persistence
Sep.    2017        Success of Albert
Sep.    2017 b     Cooperation
Oct.    2017        Tragedy

Oct.    2017 b      Healed !
Nov.    2017         Adding Days to Life

Nov.    2017  b     Real Food
Dec.    2017         Children at Christmas
Dec.    2017 b      Going Home
Jan.    2018         Brave Hearts
Feb.    2018        The Aroma of His Love
Mar.    2018        
The Cost of Bread
Mar.    2018 b     The Cellist of Sarajevo

Mar.    2018 c      Easter Celebration
Apr.      2018         Easier Said Than Done
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