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July 2011
The God of the Old Testament

When I was a kid I thought the God of the OT was a crotchety old geezer who I definitely would not want to live near; therefore heaven was not that appealing to me.  If only God did not live there, I thought, the place sounded great.

Yet, oddly enough, after developing a relationship with God that ultimately sent me to a seminary, my graduate studies focused on the Old Testament.  My favorite part of the Bible is the Old Testament!  How could that have happened?

In the biblical book of Jonah (which is, by the way, one of the finest short stories in all the world!), we discover the absolute certainty of the Jewish faith regarding God.

God’s grace, compassion, patience, and overflowing love dominates Hebrew thinking!  Theology is the systematic study of God—‘theo’ means God, and ‘ology’ refers to the systematic study of something. 
“I knew that you were a gracious and compassionate God, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love,” Jonah said to God.  Expressions like Jonah’s pepper the Old Testament.  This is what God is like to even those we would call His ‘worst enemies.’

I have discovered for myself that the God of the entire Bible, Old and New Testaments alike, is a God of grace, compassion, patience, and overflowing love.

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