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February 2011

It seems that my son, Elijah, has been sent to our family to boost my self esteem. When we get in the car to go somewhere, he regularly asks, “Can I listen to Daddy’s sermon?” (I occasionally get a copy on tape as a self-help exercise.) When we get home, Elijah will often request to stay in the car in order to continue listening to Daddy’s sermon. I don’t know if he is gaining any spiritual benefit from his hours of listening, but it seems to be a lesson for me on relationships. I presume it wouldn’t matter if I preached a poor sermon or a perfect one. The fact that Daddy is the one preaching is all that matters to Elijah. His level of interest in the polished preachers on the radio is minimal. To him they are strangers. Elijah seems to have grasped the truth that life is more about the Messenger than the message.


I have spent many hours delving into controversial topics in the Bible. My spiritual benefit from these hours has been minimal. I am coming to the conclusion that the Bible’s primary purpose is not to be an almanac of religious, or even spiritual, facts.  Its chief purpose is to lead me into a relationship with the One who inspired it. The more acquainted I become with my Lord, the more I want to read His Word.


David, the psalmist, seemed to have grasped this. He speaks of God’s words and actions as “more to be desired than gold, yea, than much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.” (Psalm 19:10)  Because David had a personal relationship with the One who inspired the Law of Moses, the written message took on special meaning.


In the spirit of my son, Elijah, may we begin each day asking God, “Can I listen to Your Word?” Just as I fulfill Elijah’s request to listen to my sermon tape for the umpteenth time, so is God more than willing to speak to us from His Word.

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