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July 2009

A large part of my life lately has been spent at home with our two small children.  Six weeks after giving birth to Abigail, our 4 month-old daughter, my wife had to go back to work.  So for fourteen hours a day, three days a week, I was home alone with our children.  During these days I spent a lot of time trying to get Abigail to drink milk from the bottle.  She was used to breastfeeding, so drinking from the bottle was a new thing to her.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make her drink the milk.  During this frustrating time, I did a lot of praying.  And the Lord used this experience to impress upon me an object lesson.

In 1 Peter 2:2, Peter refers to God’s Word as milk.  Just as babies grow by drinking milk, so as Christians we grow by taking God’s Word into our lives.  Recalling this analogy while trying to get Abigail to drink milk from the bottle, I was enlightened.

What bothered Abigail was not the milk.  It was the bottle.  She didn’t like how the milk was packaged.  And as a result, she didn’t receive any of the nutrients in the milk.  She only got upset and grew hungrier.  How often have I rejected God’s Word because of how it was packaged?  I may find the messenger offensive.  His personality or teaching style may not appeal to me.  Instead of receiving the Word as life-giving milk, I focus on the speaker’s faults.  And as a result, I don’t receive any of the life-giving power in God’s Word.  I leave irritated and unfed.  I often wonder if this is not at least part of the reason why it took so long for the Lord to get me to accept the Gospel in His Word.  

Let us not focus on the one who brings us God’s Word.  They are only the packaging.  Let’s focus on the Word they bring us.  It is the Word that gives us life.  By receiving it, we will grow into healthy, mature Christians.

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